What is ArtigianArte

Since 2000, the artisan workshops of Bologna have found their hub in a charming spot, where all kinds of materials and styles mingle. The place, ArtigianArte, is gracefully located right below the impressive towers which are the symbol of the city: the Torri degli Asinelli. 

This shop is the centre of the craftwork revival of the city, promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna and other public and private institutions. The shop itself is a lovely space with wooden walls and interiors, which treasures the best artisan production of the city and of the region, a permanent exposition where hand-made creations await art lovers.

The scope and mission of ArtigianArte are ambitious, as it aims at the promotion of the best national art craft production. networking is relentless, and the place is a thriving cross-roads of initiatives and collaborations among the foremost Italian artisans.

Art craft represents a priceless legacy to future generations: in the ArtigianArte shop, the best pieces are there for anyone to see and touch them, in a friendly and warm environment thought to reconcile the public with their land's creative spirit.